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ORWTA Inc. Disclaimer and Copyright statement Please read

General warning
The Otways can be a difficult and dangerous area in which to walk and you can become lost or disoriented very easily, particularly on tracks through dense rainforest.. The maps and track notes on this site were compiled by members of ORWTA Inc. as a general overview of the area, and must not be used to plan or carry out an actual walk. Some of the tracks described may be extremely difficult to find and follow. A mark on a map denoting a track or route does not necessarily imply that such track or route is extant, flagged or otherwise visibly present.

No Liability
The Otway Ranges Walking Track Association INc. (ORWTA Inc.), website contributors and compilers accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or injury sustained by any person using this site.

Conditions in the Otways ("the Otways" namely, but not limited to, Great Otway National Park, Anglehook Forest Park, Lorne Forest Park), and the conditions of the tracks can change daily, often most dramatically after storms. If you wish to see some of the areas presented on maps on this website, please join one of our monthly guided walks (refer Members Resources page for the next scheduled ORWTA Inc. walk). You must make your own judgement about your capabilities to undertake a walk at your own risk.

If you would like more information on walks that are maintained and well described, please contact Parks Victoria.

This site may contain copyright ( © ) material owned by a number of entities, including, but not limited to: the Otway Ranges Walking Track Association Inc. ("the association", "ORWTA"), Geelong Bushwalking Club Inc. ("GBWC" Inc), Gary Rowan Higgins/Silent Street Photography ("Silent Street"), Philip Larkin and others credited where required. This implies that photographs, drawings and/or maps appearing on the Trans-Otway Waterfall Walks website (otwaywalks.com) are the intellectual property of the named or unnamed individuals and other material is in the public domain. Except for purposes permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, reproduction by whatever means, electronic, mechanical or manual, is prohibited without prior written permission of the relevant copyright holder(s). Except for material which is unambiguously and unarguably in the public domain, only material owned by ORWTA Inc. as indicated may be copied; the text and graphic content are not to be altered and the source must be acknowledged. The Association reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of its material at any time. Permission is not given for commercial use or sale of ORWTA Inc. material. No other material anywhere on this website may be copied (except as legally allowed for private use, research and study) or dispersed without the express and written permission of the legal holder of that copyright.


Click for full sized photograph © 2008 Gary Rowan Higgins/Silent Street Photography.
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